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How Stepping Stones Recovery Foundation Serves The Community:





Stepping Stones Recovery Foundation raises funding through public donations, community fund raising events, and donations that may come through the free education series on chemical dependency. These donations provide immediate relief and assistance to those suffering from the Disease of Addiction. 

Stepping Stones Recovery Foundation offers opportunities to seek higher education and career advancement opportunities for individuals entering into recovery. 

We utilize recovery houses that have agreed to use the structure manual developed by Stepping Stones Recovery Foundation to assure the residents we refer to these recovery houses receive the highest standard of assistance possible. These standards are held in compliance by Stepping Stones Recovery Foundation through weekly reviews as part of the coordinated effort to fight the Disease of Addiction.

 We believe the condition of the residence, recovery environment, and structure of the recovery residence to be critical in the development of a healthy, meaningful, substance-free lifestyle.

To review the recovery houses and the structure of the programs in the homes to which we refer, click the Links tab on the homepage menu.

The Family Education Program is a family-focused education series of five classes on Addiction and the Family, which has been developed by the Founder of Stepping Stones Recovery Foundation, Robert Bedford and is offered free to the general public. 

This program has been developed to take the concept of Addiction as a "Brain Disease" and describe it in a clear, concise, and easily understood scientific model. This program describes how the brain is altered, how the disease can be treated, and how the entire family is affected. Therefore, the ENTIRE family is instrumental in relapse prevention and recovery planning. Emphasizing that Co-Addiction (Co-Dependency) is similar to the brain disease of addiction is crucial in showing how the whole family can recover TOGETHER once the disease is understood in these terms. Stepping Stones believes that teaching this education to the general public provides the information necessary to reshape current stigma and dispel myths about the "Disease of Addiction". (To learn more about our education program, click on the "Education" tab.)


Continue checking our website for updates about time and location of our family education program. We plan on starting mid January

We are excited to announce a new relationship with Crossroads Behavioral Health which is located in both Atlantic and Gloucester Counties, New Jersey. I would like to extend a warm, thank you to Mr. Michael DeMarco for bridging this relationship in a new recovering community opening in 2016. We are really beginning to expand our services. Please continue to follow this exciting news as we continue work on changing the face of recovery throughout the Tri-State Area.

We are proud to announce that we have been invited to be the primary certification organization to a newly formed recovery house association. The recovery house association and Stepping Stones Recovery Foundation have developed a manual of standards and compliance mandates that exceed ANY certification process currently in place.

Currently in the works is the addition of four recovery houses in the Lower Bucks area and five in New Jersey, bringing our total to thirteen.